Diony and Ermis' Story

This couple’s story begins when Ermis, a good friend of Diony’s brothers, arrived in Australia from London. Diony had heard a lot about him ever since his arrival – but the pair didn’t actually meet until they attended a music festival with a group of mutual friends and were at last introduced to one another.
Over the next few months their paths occasionally crossed, during which time Diony admits that she fell in love with Ermis’ English accent. Eventually they decided to meet up for coffee, and after three and half hours of non-stop talking in the coffee shop, they realised that there was something very special between them.
Time moved on and the pair became inseparable. Ermis was very aware that Diony was a huge fan of diamonds and all things sparkly, especially considering the Tiffany diamonds emails that she sent to him on a regular basis! He had even joked with her saying: “Dee, if we get married, you are getting a piece of string. It’s about the sentimental value… not the cut, clarity, colour or carat!” Although mortified, Diony knew that he was quite right.
A year into their relationship and the couple visited the K1 Winery in Kuipto Forest. When they arrived, they discovered that the winery is actually located on a beautiful lake. Getting out of their car, they walked over to look at the lake and that’s where Ermis presented Diony with a piece of string tied into a ring and asked her to marry him. With tears streaming down her face, Diony said ‘Yes’. Ermis then got down on one knee and produced a little black box that held the most beautiful ring Diony could ever have imagined. The piece of string was quickly replaced with the gorgeous cushion cut diamond, followed not long after by an amazing celebration at her parents’ home.
The couple decided on a wedding day theme that was simple, fresh and elegant. Working with a colour palette of ivory, and light shades of dusky pink and champagne, their inspiration was simply to imagine a summer’s day with all its warmth and the soft scents of gorgeous flowers.
Diony had worked as a personal assistant, and her organisational skills now proved invaluable. She drew up a monthly action plan and the couple say that it was this level of attention to detail that made the lead-up to their wedding manageable. Suddenly, after months of planning and with much valuable help and advice from family and friends, their day arrived. The couple agreed that they were going to take any hitches on the day in their stride, and remain relaxed and happy – an approach that rewarded them with a very enjoyable day.
Diony had chosen a Liza Emanuele gown. With layers of soft tulle, a silk overlay and silver threaded French lace, the gown featured a stunning hand beaded belt. It was everything that Diony had ever dreamed of and she looked absolutely gorgeous.
The couple remember their day as one of constant smiles and excitement. The ceremony, held in the church Diony attended as a child, was as beautiful as it was deeply moving. The photo shoot that followed included a mix of classic and contemporary locations, and the resulting images were spectacular.
The couple’s reception at the superbly decorated Sferas on the Park proved to be a true party with fabulous food and wine, and a packed dance floor as soon as the formalities were over. Amid the rush and surreal feeling of their day, Diony and Ermis say that they remembered to pinch themselves every now and then, and acknowledge that their hard work had culminated in the first of many best days to come in their lives together.

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